I am a PhD student learning bioinformatics tools and applications at the SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and UDSM (University of Dar-es-Salaam), Tanzania.

I also am an ambassador for “Next Einstein Forum (NEF)” and eLife. I get to share my passion for science in Tanzania/Africa and promote better science culture, diversity and inclusion.

Hobbies: fanatical reader📚 and impulsive mobile phone photographer📱.

Posts are about science and personal experiences!

Welcome to my blog!


Find out more about me:

University of Dar-es-Salaam (UDSM) staff list: https://www.udsm.ac.tz/web/index.php/staff/name/Aneth/164

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) employee page: https://www.slu.se/en/cv/aneth-david-mwakilili/

SIG RISE scientists database: https://sig.ias.edu/rise/scientists/aneth-david

NEF Community of Scientists: https://nef.org/ambassador/aneth-mwakilili/

ORCID ID | ResearchGate


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