The Tim Ferris Blog and Podcast

I found out about this blog from Tim Ferriss’ podcast, which is one of the very first podcasts to listen to couple of years ago and have stayed with if ever since. I have learned so much from the podcasts, blog posts and five bullet Fridays (one of the few subscriptions I have stayed on for years as well). Some of my favourite content from Tim are:

Revisionist History

I have listened to every single episode of this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell, who also happens to be one of my all time favourite authors. I like his talks backed by rich research data, interviews and keen observations. The talks cover a wide range of interesting topics. It is found in any podcast app.

Freakonomics radio

I really enjoy Freakonomics Radio episodes by Stephen Dubner, covering diverse topics from for and health to economics and politics. They are usually about 25 minutes long and feature robust background data and information. Stephen is also a co-author of an economics book Freakonomics, quite interesting as well. Podcast may be found in any podcast app.


          1. Quartz Africa is my favourite place to read about current issues in Africa. I have subscribed to weekly updates
          2. The African Perspective Online Magazine
          3. The Economist – been following this magazine since high school. It has a fairly good overview of world issues – politics, economics, a bit of science and technology, arts, culture, and many other things. I have subscribed to (weekly?) updates and I select issues to read from that.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of my favourite feminists. I think she is very good at what she does and very inspirational. I have found some of her talks to be iformational, educative and even transformational. Some of them are:

          • This TED talk on “We should all be feminists“. I couldn’t put it any better regarding feminism. Beyonce used words of this talk in her song Flawless here (1:25 min) and here (opening words), which I also happen to like a lot☺️
          • Another TED talk by her, “The danger of a single story“. This talk is very relatable to me and resonates closely to what Trevor Noah wrote in his book Born a crime. I shared a bit about it in my previous post of collection on quotes.

Guy Winch’s A TED talk  on prioritising emotional and mental health titled “How to practice emotional fist aid.”

Pamela Ronald’s  TED talk is a good summary of how  genetic engineering can help solve food security challenges. She is a plant geneticist.

MORE resources

Next Einstein Forum website and newsletter
So, I am the first NEF ambassador representing Tanzania and have always been attached to NEF since 2016. The website is a good resource for an overview of what is happening in Africa when it comes to science, technology and innovation activities, policies, key people, etc.

The newsletter gives a shot of top science, technology and innovation stories from Africa.

More here: